Allocations Policy Changes 2022

On 3rd May 2022 the allocations policy for South Norfolk and Broadland has changed.

Please see details of the main changes below:


Band Names

The 4 Housing priority band names have changed, this does not affect your priority within these bands. These have changed as follows


Band Name prior to 3rd May 2022

Band Name from 3rd May 2022

Band 1

Emergency Band

Band 2

Band 1

Band 3

Band 2

Band 4

Band 3


Emergency Band time limit

From 3rd May 2022 Emergency Band will only be valid for 8 weeks.

At the end of the eight weeks if you have not bid successfully, we will decide whether this should be extended. If you have not applied for suitable properties, it is very unlikely that this will be extended.


Further information

The updated policies can be viewed here

If you are unable to access this or require further support please contact us