Frequently Asked Questions


What is choice based lettings

Is the scheme we operate for those eligible on the housing register to bid for Housing Association properties in South Norfolk and Broadland areas. Available properties are advertised weekly and if you are eligible you can bid on these properties

When are properties Advertised?

Properties are advertised weekly from a Thursday and close at midnight on a Wednesday

How many bids to I get

You can bid on up to 2 properties per week

How long do I have to bid for a property?

When the properties are advertised they clearly state the deadline for people to apply. That will always be one week from when the properties are advertised.

Do I have to bid for properties every week?

No- it is up to you when and which properties you bid for. You should only bid for the properties that you genuinely want. If you have been awarded a priority banding due to an urgent housing need then there is an expectation that you will use both bids each week, where possible, due to the urgency of your situation’.


What happens if I cannot bid?

If you are concerned about bidding and are unable to do this yourself, we can help with assisted bidding. This means we will place a bid for you on any suitable properties, however this does limit your involvement and we may place bids on properties that you may not have done so yourself. Please contact us if this is concerning you and we will discuss all options with you.

Why can’t I apply for certain properties?

You can only apply for properties for which you are eligible.  For example:

  • You may be too young for the advertised minimum age of the property.
  • Your household is too large or too small for the property advertised.

Will I be able to view  property before I decide whether to accept the offer?

No – you will only be able to view a property once you have bid successfully for it and been invited to do so by the landlord.  However, the properties advertised will show all the information you need to know, so you can decide whether to apply for it or not. Please note that sometimes photographs used in adverts may not be the exact property being advertised.

Will I be able to view a property before I decide whether to accept the offer?

Yes – once you have bid successfully for a property a viewing will be arranged. You will then have up to two days to decide whether to accept the offer of the property.

Why do some properties require a connection to a particular area?

Many of the housing associations are developers of new affordable rented homes.  These are allocated to applicants on the councils’ housing registers in the same way as other homes that become available for letting.

However new homes built in rural areas may have extra rules that affect the priority of applicants. These rules are due to planning restrictions that ensure highest priority is given to people with a stronger local connection to the area (village or parish) where the homes have been built.

The details may vary, depending on the council area, but most give priority to applicants who;

  • live or work (or previously lived or worked) in the area or
  • have close relatives living in the area that they give support to/receive support from. 

If you bid for these properties and you are not able to show you meet the local connection criteria required your bid is likely to be skipped.  When conditions of this type apply it will be stated in the property advert and you will be invited to contact Home Options team, or the landlord direct, for more details and advice.

Local connection conditions usually remain in place each time the property becomes empty and available for re-letting in the future.


My position in the shortlist changed

There are many reasons why your position in the shortlist changes during the advertising week and when the advertisement is closed. For example, this can include other residents having high priority need and their local connection to the area being higher when the shortlist is checked.